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Physical Therapy and Treatment Clinic  

We have been practicing in the Gig Harbor area for the past 10 years. Dana M. Carnahan has been a physical therapist in the Puget Sound area for the past 32 years. Dana’s physical therapy assistant, Kevin Riches PTA, ATC have been a working team for 28 of those 35 years.

Our office space is a 3K square-foot facility with physical therapy specific equipment and modalities as well as free weights, 10 weight machines and 13 pieces of aerobic equipment. We treat primarily an orthopedic population involving the trunk and extremities.

Our training and background also includes athletic training and sports injury care. We have contracts to provide athletic training services to both Tacoma Community College and Peninsula High School, and our office also works with the Gig Harbor Kayak and Canoe club. With our athletic training and sports background, we take an active approach to patient care focusing on Strengthening, stretching, patient education, and the development of independent exercise programs, and utilization of passive modalities only as needed.

Physical Therapy

Licensed Therapists

Our staff is trained and educated with the latest techniques and treatments.

Physical Therapy

Our skilled physical therapists help restore damaged tissue.

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Pain Free

About our treatment

Dana and Kevin make sure that patients get the care they need. Lisa makes sure to pre-verify therapy insurance benefits before starting care. We also closely track each visit. Treatments focus on developing independent exercise activities beginning the first day of treatment. We continue to be focused on helping each patient reach their physical therapy goals.    

Aloha Fridays

Each and every Friday, the day is devoted to a Hawaiian flavor. Snacks and shaved ice not to mention the Hawaiian music to exercise to. All this is wrapped around a friendly environment where you are left with good feelings after your visit with us.